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Associating template with file extension in Netbeans

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This is crazy – and must be a simple way – but I had to create an empty file called PHTML.phtml and “Add” in tools/templates into the PHP template folder in order to get the correct file extension when a new file is created from the template. Just could not find where to do this… Read more »

Netbeans 6.9.1 Line/Word wrap option

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To use the word wrap option you need to edit the /Netbeans 6.9.1/netbeans.conf file. The netbeans_default_options, usually under (# command line switches) should include the following switch: -J-Dorg.netbeans.editor.linewrap=true Once this is set, restart Netbeans and the option should now be available in Tools->Options->Editor->Formatting.

The new TSW Webcoder 2010

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I’ve been using TSW webcoder since 2005 as my ‘everyday’ editor for all things code. It is unbloated, quick, has some rather splendid time-saving feature. But until the latest release it could not really be classed as an IDE. Well I’ve just upgraded to Webcoder 2010 and it now includes a nice PHP debugger as… Read more »

Eclipse code completion

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To get code completion to work you need to add the library to your build path. For example… adding WordPress to your build path. To be able to see the add_filter and add_action functions in code completion, you can modify the build path to add the WordPress wp-includes directory. To add the WordPress wp-includes directory… Read more »

Eclipse working set

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In PHP Explorer, click the inverted triangle and choose Select Working Set. From here you can Add a set so that you can, for example, limit a file search to a particular set.