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Opacity for Internet Explorer

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If you want opacity to work in IE versions < 9, the order should be: -ms-filter:"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=0)"; // first! filter: alpha(opacity=0); // second! The first line is for IE8, the second for IE5-7. Link:


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Sass and Less allow you to be more programmatic about your CSS by introducing variable, conditional operators and basic if-for-each logic (Sass only for the latter, at the moment anyway.) I had a few problems setting up Sass on my PC, but that was more to do with me rushing without reading. I’m sure no… Read more »

Putty with SSH keys

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Use Pageant for loading the key, then in Putty make sure you add the username to the Connection -> Data -> auto-login username. Once you’ve done that, make sure that Connection -> SSH -> Auth has “attempt authentication using Pageant ticked, and “attempt keyboard-interactive auth. Here’s a good article.

Using Tunnellier to HTTP over SSH

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The recommended browser for this purpose is Firefox, because it can be configured to resolve DNS names through the SOCKS proxy, so the names of the websites you’re browsing don’t leak out through DNS queries. You will need an account at an SSH server which allows you to use port forwarding. Configure Tunnelier to connect… Read more »

Moving a Subversion repository

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Host a subversion SNV repository using svnserve server I am detailing here how I moved an svn repos off my Windows development machine onto a Linux based webserver, making it available for checkout from there. Subversion was previously installed on both my windows machine and my linux box. Backup old and create new repos Backup… Read more »